open call for artists and photographers (deadline extendend > 9 February 2020)


Residency programs at Gate44 are the expression of our appreciation for cultural  diversity within the context of a global artistic community.


PICTURE THAT 2020 Art Prize is an international opportunity for photographers and artists whose practice and research involves, but is not necessarily limited to, photography.

We wish to award an individual with the possibility to travel to Milan, Italy where they can experience a new culture, access the necessary facilities to express their ideas, engage in meaningful conversations, and gain visibility amidst new audiences. One artist will be awarded a two week residency and intensive workshop in hand printed photography techniques such as photogravure and paper lithography. 


The prize will be awarded to a single winner.

Regular application 30 €!
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Photogravure is an intaglio printmaking process whereby a copper plate is grained and then coated with a light-sensitive gelatin tissue which had been exposed to a film positive, and then etched, Photogravure is distinguished from rotogravure in that photogravure uses a flat copper plate etched rather deeply and printed by hand,

Photogravure registers a wide variety of tones, through the transfer of etching ink from an etched copper plate to special dampened paper run through an etching press. The unique tonal range comes from photogravure’s variable depth of etch, that is, the shadows are etched many times deeper than the highlights. Unlike half-tone processes which vary the size of dot, the depth of ink wells is varied in a photogravure plate. The human eye naturally resolves these fine variations into a continuous tone image.

Paper lithography

Paper litography is a relief printing technique which uses a toner photo copy as a plate, gum arabic, water and oil-based inks just like traditional litho with which it shares the basic concept of repulsion between water and grease. It is great for photographic or hand drawn monoprints; it can be used on its own or in combination with etchings, woodcuts and other prints and drawings. Unlike photogravure it replicates only a limited range of tones and works best with high contrast, graphic imagery. It is not an exact technique because you hardly ever get two identical prints; for this reason it might be considered more a language rather than a means of faithful reproduction. If photogravure is the most noble, sophisticated and expensive hand printing technique paper lithography might be the cheapest and least sophisticated because it relies on readily available materials and instruments.


(1) Winner’s Prize 

  • Free 2-week productive residency at gate44’s print-shop in Milan, Italy between June 2020 and january 2021. ( We will personally discuss different options with you in order to work around your schedule)
  • Free 2-week workshop by GATE 44’ printmakers in photogravure and  paper lithography
  • Free materials (roughly 700 €): paper, inks, plates and all printshop materials necessary for the workshop
  • Free edition of 10 of one the artist’s photographs
  • Free accommodation in a private apartment
  • 24 h. access to the print-shop
  • Publication of an article on gate44’s website
  • Social media coverage of the residency and final presentation

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The awarded artist will receive mentorship in every step necessary to print a photograph by hand on cotton rag paper with oil based inks. He/she should expect to gain total knowledge and absolute confidence in preparing the file, coming up with a matrix and printing an edition of the image in the techniques of photogravure and paper lithography. 

The first week will consist of theory, hands-on demonstrations, experimentation with different exposures and resolutions. Based on the knowledge acquired, the second week will be spent creating 3 prints from the artist’ photographs of choice and focus will shift from matrix preparation to inking and printing.


Submission Materials
To enter, candidates should apply online through gate44’s website uploading the following material and information:


  • Basic personal info (name, date of birth, email, address,).
  • Website/social media (if applicable)
  • Bio/CV along with a brief artist statement 
  • A portfolio of max. fifteen high quality images of recent works. (Not all images have to photographs; the portfolio should both demonstrate the applicant’s general conceptual and aesthetic direction)


  • 15 € for early bird applications
  • 30 € after early bird ends

Deadline and Timeline
October 20th 2019: early bird submissions open / November 15th 2019: early bird submissions close / January 31st 2020: submissions close / February 29th 2020: announcement of the winner / the residency period will be decided with the winner, to accomodate his/her availability


Applicants will be notified of the successful status of their submission via e-mail after they have completed their application. The winner will be personally notified and the results will be announced publicly on our website and social media, as shown by the timeline below.
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The main criteria of evaluation may be but are not limited to:

  • Thematic/aesthetic/conceptual originality
  • Interdisciplinary approaches throughout printmaking but also other disciplines
  • Innovation and experimentation
  • Technical skilfulness


The winning applicant will have keys to the private apartment complete ok kitchen and bathroom and granted 24h. access to the studio in which they will have full access to all equipment (etching, silkscreen, linocut and lithography).


All materials needed for the workshop (roughly 700 €) and regular print-shop materials and tools such as cleaning agents, solvents, rags, spatulas, squeegees, rollers etc. are included. Etching inks are also included. 

At gate44 we try to be as green as possible without compromising quality. We use water based inks for silk-screen, try to work with zinc and copper sulphate rather than copper and ferric chloride and use photopolymers as much as possible. General cleaning is done with VCA (vegetable cleaning agents) and water based products rather than solvents.

The winner will be asked to sign a binding agreement in which they agree to let gate44 use images of their works for social media, website and marketing purposes and to comply with the conditions stated above. The contract will also stipulate  economic and legal agreements in case the applicant chooses to include their work in gate44′ online shop.


Etching and relief

  • Three etching presses; max format 120x300cm
  • One offset linotype press; max format 50x70cm
  • Exposure unit for photopolymer plates; plate size 70x100cm

Silk screen

  • One semi-automatic screen-printing machine; max. format 70x100cm
  • One screen-printing table/assisted arm; max. format 120x170cm
  • Exposure unit


  • 1 lithography press; max format 70x50cm



In order to apply please fill out the form below, attach the files requested and submit the payment.

Once you have completed the application you will receive an email confirmation with a digital receipt attached.

We’ll keep you posted!


If you have any doubts please don’t hesitate to contact us!
You can reach us via email gatefortyfour@gatefortyfour.com, via Facebook Messenger, via Instagram DM and through our contact form!