Residency programs at Gate44 are the expression of our appreciation for cultural  diversity within the context of a global artistic community.


PRINTMeKING 2019 Art Prize is an opportunity for artists, printmakers, designers and illustrators in the contemporary art world whose practice and research involves, but is not necessarily limited to, the medium of printmaking.


We wish to award an individual with the possibility to travel to Italy, where they can experience a new culture, access the necessary facilities to express their ideas, engage in meaningful conversations, and gain visibility amidst new audiences. PRINTMeKING is aimed to those who are self-sufficient in one or more of the following traditional printmaking techniquesetchingphotopolymer etchingsilk-screenwoodcut, and lithography.


The prize will be awarded to a single winner. Ten other finalists will be selected for a group show.

regular application 35 €!
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(1) Winner’s Prize 

  • 1.500 € cash award to cover travel expenses, materials, and cost of living
  • 1 month productive residency at gate44’s print-shop in Milan, Italy between June 2019 and june 2020. ( We will personally discuss different options with you in order to work around your schedule)
  • Free accommodation in a private apartment
  • 24 h. access to the print-shop
  • Group exhibition in gate44’s gallery with other 10 finalists
  • Publication of an article on gate44’s website and on objectsmag.it and archiobjects.org
  • Social media coverage of the residency and final exhibition
  • Inclusion in gate44’s online shop (not a requirement)

(10) Finalists’ Prize


Submission Materials
To enter, candidates should apply online through gate44’s website uploading the following material and information:


  • Basic personal info (name, email, address) and a good-quality identity photo.
  • Website/social media (if applicable)
  • Bio/CV along with a brief artist statement 
  • A portfolio of max. fifteen high quality images of recent works. (Not all images have to be of printed works; the portfolio should both demonstrate the applicant’s ability in printmaking and his/hers general conceptual and aesthetic direction)
  • A detailed explanation of the project the artist wishes to carry out while in residency


  • 25 € for early bird applications
  • 35 € after December 1st
  • Finalists only: postage fee for shipping artwork.

Deadline and Timeline
November 1st 2018: submissions open / February 28th 2019: submissions close / April 13th 2019: announcement of the winner / the residency period will be decided with the winner, to accomodate his/her availability
Applicants will be notified of the successful status of their submission via e-mail after they have completed their application. The winner and the finalists will be personally notified and the results will be announced publicly on our website and social media, as shown by the timeline below.
I want to come to Italy to print!
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The main criteria of evaluation may be but are not limited to:

  • Thematic/aesthetic/conceptual originality
  • Interdisciplinary approaches throughout printmaking but also other disciplines
  • Innovation and experimentation
  • Technical skilfulness

Expectations of the winner:

  • Must be able to be in Milan to conduct the residency between the months of June 2019 / June 2020
  • Must demonstrate professional work ethic and conduct during their stay
  • Must leave one copy of each work for gate44′ archive
  • Must be present to participate in the organisation and mounting of the exhibition in which they will present their work on the last Thursday of the residency month.

The winner and the ten finalists will be asked to sign a binding agreement in which they agree to let gate44 use images of their works for social media, website and marketing purposes and to comply with the conditions stated above. The contract will also stipulate  economic and legal agreements in case the applicant chooses to include their work in gate44′ online shop.


The winning applicant will receive a 1.500 € bank transfer upon their arrival in Milan to help cover cost for transportation and living. The winner will be granted 24h. access to the studio in which they will have full access to all equipment (etching, silkscreen, linocut and lithography).


Basic print-shop materials and tools such as cleaning agents, solvents, rags, spatulas, squeegees, rollers etc. are included. Etching inks are also included. Metal plates, wood blocks, are not included. We are currently working to find technical partners willing to provide high-quality printmaking paper. Gate44 provides litho stones and plates and silk-screens for a modest deposit, refundable if undamaged at the end of the residency.


Applicants are expected to work independently after they have received an introduction to the facility, equipment and tools. They can receive help and guidance from volunteers from Milan’s art school who will be able to assist at the best of their ability. If they wish to be assisted or taught a new technique by the printmaker they can request this service for an additional cost. Edition printing by a master printmaker is also available at an additional cost.


At gate44 we try to be as green as possible without compromising quality. We use water based inks for silk-screen, try to work with zinc and copper sulphate rather than copper and ferric chloride and use photopolymers as much as possible. General cleaning is done with VCA (vegetable cleaning agents) and water based products rather than solvents.


Etching and relief

  • Three etching presses; max format 120x300cm
  • One offset linotype press; max format 50x70cm
  • Exposure unit for photopolymer plates; plate size 70x100cm

Silk screen

  • One semi-automatic screen-printing machine; max. format 70x100cm
  • One screen-printing table/assisted arm; max. format 120x170cm
  • Exposure unit


  • 1 lithography press; max format 70x50cm


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